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Setting a standard for timeless, yet spirited design, Gena Dorminey Design strives to maintain a sense of subdued traditional elegance, while incorporating contemporary and edgy accents.  Bold texture, pattern and color are significant influences in Gena’s designs; however, she never sacrifices the balance of function and style.  True to her roots, Gena’s designs are traditional in nature and always answer the clients’ needs for a comfortable home, however, like her personality, Gena’s designs always incorporate a fresh, energetic, and unexpected flair.

A native of South Georgia, Gena Dorminey is a young and passionate designer with a grounded sense of southern tradition and the vivacious curiosity of a New Yorker.  After completing her studies in Interior Design at the University of Georgia, Gena traveled to New York City to pursue her career as an Interior Designer.

Over the years, Gena has honed and curated her style by working for the likes of two of New York’s most influential and important designers, Robert Passal and Jamie Drake, as well as the global design and architectural firm, Hellmuth, Obata, Kassabaum in Atlanta.  While maintaining her own standards of comfort and livability, she is not only inspired by her travels and global influences, but also the day to day nuances of living in one of the most influential and vibrant cities in the world.